ADSL Line Guardian (ALG)

In Detail

The ADSL line on the Telkom network is the foundation of the ADSL experience. And ADSL Internet access is relied on throughout South Africa in businesses and homes.

You can think of the ADSL line as the pipe carrying the water to your house, and the water being the data that you use. If the pipe is damaged, you will have issues with your water supply.

Unfortunately, as is the international norm, Telkom does not guarantee any level of service, and the quality level is regarded as best effort. That is why line speeds are, for example, rated as up to 4Mbps, or up to 10Mbps. These “up to” speeds are the theoretical maximum download speed that is possible.

The actual speed and stability of the ADSL line depend on many factors, such as deteriorating or faulty telephone lines, damaged or missing line filters, problems or changes at the Telkom exchange, distance between your ADSL router and the Telkom MSAN (Blue and green street-box), and more.

The unique iSAT ADSL Line Guardian system (ALG) helps to bring more stability and reliability to your ADSL line, by automatically testing and reporting on changes to the ADSL line quality. It also brings peace of mind, in that you can check that you are getting and paying for the optimum solution (ADSL line and access solution) in your location at any given time.

Using specially developed systems integrated with those of Telkom’s, available due to iSAT’s status as a trusted wholesale partner (since 1998), ALG collects raw data from the ADSL line network.

The data is then constantly analyzed and the results interpreted. Alerts are immediately emailed to customers and the iSAT support desk for various anomalies, including:

  • Slow speed problems that should not be happening based on the properties of the line,
  • General instability on the ADSL line.
  • Clients paying for higher speed ADSL lines, in areas where those line speeds are not currently technically possible, and it is more cost effective to subscribe to a lower speed service.
  • Changes in the local infrastructure, enabling the user to upgrade to a faster ADSL line, or stabilise a line at a faster speed.
  • Billing discrepancies between what is being paid for, and what is being delivered.
  • And much more…..

Any alert needing action from Telkom is logged on their support system by the iSAT support team. Customers are notified of the Telkom fault number. Telkom issues are fixed faster because of the detailed technical information that is supplied by iSAT.

As ALG accumulates data from more users and over longer time frames, it intelligently and automatically recalculates tolerance limits and improves its accuracy, and what it expects of the network.

Once setup, line statistics are then collected daily. As more statistics from your line are gathered, the accuracy of the process is improved, and additional checks are added automatically.

In addition, a weekly email is sent out to confirm that statistics are being collected and analyzed.

If you are using ADSL internet access, you are relying on a Telkom ADSL line. Do not be the victim of daylight robbery – Get iSAT’s ADSL Line Guardian today for the ADSL service you deserve. This service is unique in South Africa and only available from iSAT.

And at only R20 a month, you’ll have your best ADSL interests covered.

ADSL Line Guardian (VAT inclusive)

All speeds*
*ADSL line must be with iSAT for this service to be applicable