ADSL Line Guardian (ALG)


How does it work?

ADSL Line Guardian integrates with Openserve’s (Telkom Wholesales) ADSL systems, and collects and analyses data from that platform.

• What does ALG do?

ALG monitors your ADSL line for faults, and then sends email alerts with regards to any faults to both yourself, and our support team, so that your line can be fixed as quickly as possible and run optimally. Alerts are also sent out when Telkom upgrades are done on your line and there is an opportunity to improve your line speed. A weekly email is sent out as a confirmation that we are checking your line.

And very importantly ALG allows you to check your line speed and quality whenever you want to.

• Who is the product for?

Everyone who is using ADSL access. This includes corporates with many ADSL lines, down to home users who have a single line.

• Do I have to sign up for the service?


• What is the cost of the service?

R20 per month per line.

• ALG has been described as a disruptive technology, what does this mean?

ALG was developed by iSAT and its sister company Orion Software over a period of 3 years. This technology is unique, and is not available to any other telecommunications company or ISP in South Africa. This is busy changing or disrupting the status quo in the ADSL market for the better. For an interesting description of disruptive technologies, read this Disruptive innovation article.

• Does my line have to be with iSAT?

Yes. Otherwise iSAT does not have access to all the information it needs, and is also unable to work with Telkom to get your ADSL line running optimally.

• How do I sign up?

To sign up for iSAT ALG, simply add the service to your shopping cart.

Please remember that you ADSL Line must be with iSAT in order to use ALG. Moving your line to iSAT can also be done via the website, you can view our available line options here.

• Why do I have to supply my suburb and city?

ADSL line data is analyzed down to suburb level. If an ALG analysis reveals that ADSL lines are below par in a suburb, we will push for a fiber rollout to be done in the area, using statistics from ALG to validate the request.

• How often do I get an ALG email?

Once a week your receive an email from ALG to confirm that your line is being tested.

• When are email alerts issued?

Email alerts are issued if an error or opportunity of a speed upgrade is detected. The alert goes to you, and also to our support team.

• If there’s a fault detected, will a support query be raised automatically?

Yes, our Support Department will be informed immediately and they will take the necessary action to get it resolved.

• Will your Support Department inform me of the progress of the query?

Yes, our Support Department will keep you up to date with the progress.

• On an email that we received from iSAT, I see that you ask me to forward that email to some of our friends and colleagues, why is that?

The more ADSL lines that ALG monitors, the more accurately it can perform. We are keeping marketing costs down by including word of mouth advertising, and thereby keeping down the costs of the ALG rollout.

• Does any software have to be installed on my pc or servers?

Not at all.

• Doesn’t our ISP do this already?

We have been developing this product for over three years and have been collecting and analysing data systematically over that period. A key design methodology of this system is having access to individual ADSL line statistics over a long period for analysis, as well as being able to separate data into national, provincial, town/city and suburb groups for comparative analysis.

In other words this is not a trivial system, and it will not be easy for our competitors to copy.

• Won’t my ISP let me know when I have a problem with my line?

It is simply not possible for anyone to manually monitor your line on a continual basis. A vital part of what ALG does is the comparative analysis on large groups of ADSL lines, and the ability to learn about the ADSL line network through doing so.

• Aren’t ADSL lines are stable and don't need to be monitored!

Nonsense. This service is a best effort service from Telkom, and it is subject to all sorts of influences.

Telkom are also frequently doing upgrades on the line networks, and ALG will let you know when it is possible to increase your ADSL line speed. Without ALG there is very little chance that you will get this information easily and quickly, or at all.

• Won’t I know if I have a problem with my line!

This often only applies if your line is down completely. You might actually have a problem right now, and not know.

The opposite unfortunately also quite often happens. You may be experiencing problems with your ADSL access, and your ISP might be telling you it is a Telkom issue, but your Telkom line is actually fine, and the ISP has a problem with their access product.

• Will ALG slow down my Internet access!

Not at all, each test is only a few bytes.

• Is ALG a security risk or an invasion of my privacy!

The system checks line data (telemetry) only, NOT information that you may be browsing, or mail that you are sending or receiving.

• Isn’t fibre access the future?

It might very well be, or the next generation 5G wireless solution might be, but ADSL access is the most widely used broadband solution in South Africa at the moment, and for the foreseeable future.