ADSL Line Guardian (ALG)

iSAT Line Guardian Overview

Are you fed up with dealing with a slow or unstable internet connection? Tired of having to endure upwards of 20 minutes of elevator music, hoping your patience will pay off when a support member eventually answers your call? A little-known truth is that the vast majority of ADSL users in South Africa are in fact not receiving the actual internet speeds, quality, and support they are paying for and are rightfully entitled to. Are you?

Previously, there was no way for ADSL users to know the answer to this very valid question, which served as the inspiration for our innovative team of developers to spend 3 years developing a solution to this voiceless issue - the ADSL Line Guardian system (ALG).

So how does it work?

In a nutshell, ALG is a new-found necessity for ADSL users in South Africa. Here’s why:

  1. Enjoy improved stability and reliability of your ADSL line - ALG ensures that your line is operating at its maximum potential speed by automatically testing, analysing and reporting on changes to your ADSL line quality on a regular basis.
  2. Save yourself time and effort - If any issues are detected, ALG automatically logs a support ticket on your behalf to our dedicated support team to rectify the fault.
  3. Know whether you are getting your money’s worth - ALG provides one with important information about the actual line speeds currently attainable in their area, upgrades or downgrades to expect, and furthermore suggests the best ADSL line solution for each individual subscriber based off of the aforementioned information.

This affordable and simple-to-use system is the first and only one of its kind in South Africa, and has been developed to both inform and assist you with regards to any discrepancies between the service you are paying for and the service you are actually receiving, as well as attentive support with ADSL line issues you may encounter, or perhaps did not even realize were there.

Do not settle for daylight robbery. Make the smart choice and do a simple, costless ADSL line-move to iSAT - A transparent ISP with 21 years of industry experience, and our customer’s best interests at heart.

Get ALG today – For the ADSL Service you deserve.

Have a look at some actual examples of ADSL line problems and how ALG helped to detect and correct the errors.

Here is a more detailed description of this new and ground-breaking technology.

Got any questions? Here are some answers to our more Frequently Asked Questions about ALG.

If you are using ADSL internet access, you are relying on a Telkom ADSL line. Do not be the victim of daylight robbery – Get iSAT’s ADSL Line Guardian today for the ADSL service you deserve. This service is unique in South Africa and only available from iSAT.

And at only R20 a month, you’ll have your best ADSL interests covered.

ADSL Line Guardian (VAT inclusive)

All speeds*
*ADSL line must be with iSAT for this service to be applicable