ADSL Line Monitoring and Management System (ALMMS)


ALMMS is a great help when a Telkom technician is at your business premises or home to attend to a ADSL line fault.

Using the graphs inside the ALMMS Web interface or the ALMMS Web application, you can check that the fault is repaired, because the graphs should show the same line speed and line quality as before the problem, or potentially if this has been a long-time fault, better speed and quality.

It is also always a good idea to make a note of the name of the Telkom technician if he/she comes onto site. And send that information to us, so that we can log the information. This helps If we need to follow up on the same issue at a later date.

They can also contact us directly so we can give them more technical information if required. Please give them the iSAT support query number, to speed up the process, when they phone our call centre.

Keep in mind that these technicians often have a thankless job, something warm to drink on a cold day, or something cold to drink on a warm day will always help to show your appreciation.