ADSL Line Monitoring and Management System (ALMMS)


This unique iSAT ADSL line monitoring and management system (ALMMS) helps to bring more stability and reliability to your ADSL line and ensures that it is operating at its maximum potential speed, by automatically testing, analysing and reporting on changes to your ADSL line quality.

It also brings peace of mind, in that you can be sure that you are getting and paying for the optimum solution (ADSL line and access solution) in your location.

And now you can check your own line speed and quality at any time. So if you are:

  1. Using a VOIP (voice over IP) service,
  2. Using a Web application,
  3. Doing some banking,
  4. Playing a game,
  5. Downloading a file,
  6. Working via a VPN (virtual private network),
  7. Basically doing anything via ADSL

and start having issues, you can immediately check your ADSL line, using ALMMS, to see if the line or the data package is the problem. This is increasingly important as data prices reduce, and unfortunately the data quality declines as well. This is your ONLY effective method of checking for yourself if the ADSL line is faulty, or the data package you are using is a poor quality one.

There are two ways of checking your own line, you can use the ALMMS Web interface via the iSAT Web site. Or you can use the free ALMMS Web application. The Web application works on any browser enabled pc, notebook, tablet or smart phone. Both report the line speeds and line qualities via an easy to understand graph based interface, and have options to retrieve the latest line data and also reset the connection between your ADSL router and the Telkom exchange.

Have a look at some actual examples of ADSL line problems and how ALMMS helped to detect and correct the errors.

Here is a more detailed description of this new and ground breaking technology.

Got any questions? Here are some answers to our more Frequently Asked Questions about ALMMS.

This product is unique in South Africa and is only available from iSAT.

If you are using ADSL Internet access, you are relying on an ADSL line. Then there is absolutely no doubt that you need this ADSL line monitoring and management service from iSAT now. This type of product is unique in South Africa and only available from iSAT.

And at only R20 a month, it really is a no-brainer.

ADSL Line Management and Monitoring System (VAT inclusive)

All speeds*
*ADSL line must be with iSAT for this service to be applicable