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What is dial up?

Dial up is the easiest and most affordable Internet access available. Many people still connect to the Internet by establishing an analogue connection between their computer and their ISP via a standard telephone line.

Commonly known as dial up, it's the cheapest way to connect to the web, but also one of the slowest. Best suited for home users or small companies who require occasional Internet access. With Dial up you can access the World Wide Web, send and receive mail - all at the cost of a local phone call.

  1. Low cost;
  2. Easy Installation:  Step-by-step installation process provided by iSAT's Technical Support Team;
  3. Mobility:  Access the Internet from wherever you, your PC, modem & phone line are located.

All you require to get connected is:

  1. a Telkom phone line;
  2. a modem:  an analogue dial up modem can be bought at any computer vendor and prices range from between R85 - R250 depending on the quality;
  3. an account with an ISP:  iSAT offers this service for only R65 per month.

iSAT provides an 086 number for the connections - which get charged at Telkom's local call rates anywhere in SA. This means that every time you connect; your billing from Telkom would be the same as if you phoned your next door neighbour. Telkom's Call More rates also apply, so if you connect during 19:00 pm and 7:00 am Mondays to Fridays, your connection cost is cheaper. Over weekends from 19:00 pm Friday to 7:00 Monday morning a lower rate also applies.

Dial up pricing

Dial up
R65.00 p/m