Satellite Products- BGAN Terminals

We now offer a wide range of Satellite and Wireless terminal products, ready for quick and cost-effective deployment.

Products range from the Isat Phone Pro to BGAN Terminals as well as Prepaid airtime for these devices. Click on one of the options below to see more info on these products.

Prices are done a quote basis as they based on the Rand/Dollar exchange rate.


BGAN Terminals

BGAN is your portable office solution. Access the internet and your emails as well as make telephone calls from virtually anywhere.

Portable, compact and lightweight and can be carried as easily as a laptop. With easy to use terminals, you can be connected quickly and easily. Simply point the terminal at the satellite and take a few moments to establish a connection and voila!

Global coverage is provided by three satellites and the service is identical everywhere in the world, regardless of your location.

There are a few options for the BGAN Terminals, which one you go for is based entirely on your needs from size & weight to robustness, or the number of users required as well as data speeds.

These are some of the terminals available:

  • Wideye Sabre
  • Explorer 300
  • Explorer 500
  • Explorer 700
  • Hughes HNS 9201
  • Hughes HNS 9250
  • Various accessories available too (batteries, cables, adapters, hands-free kits, etc)

We only offer Prepaid airtime for the BGAN Terminals.

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