Satellite Products- Isat Phone Pro

We now offer a wide range of Satellite and Wireless terminal products, ready for quick and cost-effective deployment.

Products range from the Isat Phone Pro to BGAN Terminals as well as Prepaid airtime for these devices. Click on one of the options below to see more info on these products.

Prices are done a quote basis as they based on the Rand/Dollar exchange rate.


Isat Phone Pro

When it comes to what you really need in a satellite phone, IsatPhone Pro delivers. It is purpose-built for the most reliable satellite communications network in the world.

This phone is designed to work in just about any conditions – in rain storms, searing heat to sub-zero cold, tropical humidity or freezing fog.

No worries about battery life because it has the longest in the market.


  • Global coverage
  • Robust handset
  • Clear voice quality
  • Reliable network connection
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use

We only offer Prepaid airtime for the Isat Phone Pro.

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