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How does fax to email work?

Fax over IP service allows any person to send a fax from any location to a Fax to Email number and our system will convert the fax received into an email message which is delivered to the recipient in their email inbox. The recipient can then open and read the fax online via an interface that will show the document as an image. The document can also be forwarded via their email system or printed.

086 numbers supplied by Telkom CANNOT translate calls coming from international numbers.

Benefits of fax to email

  1. It's FREE!
  2. Less time consuming
  3. Paperless
  4. More secure than traditional faxing methods
  5. Communicate with email and fax clients simultaneously
  6. Number(s) remain unchanged when a company moves premises
  7. Received faxes can be directed to any email address world wide