ADSL Line Rental

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Get your ADSL line from iSAT and not Telkom, from only R149 per month. Save up to R648 per year with iSAT’s ADSL line rental!

There is no contract, the ADSL line rental works on a month to month basis.

iSAT offers the following ADSL line speeds - Up to 2Mbps, 4Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mbps and 40Mbps.

If you have a Telkom ADSL line installed and would like to move it to iSAT, the migration will not cause any disruption to your existing service.

For new lines the procedure is also simple - send us your application; the Engineers will check if the ADSL exchange is enabled and if your line is up to standard. Once this has been done, you will need a router and an iSAT connection.
ADSL Line Rental Pricing (VAT inclusive)
Line Speeds Previous Line Speeds Cost - Monthly
Up to 2Mbps Up to 1Mbps R149 ADSL Line Rental - Order Now!
Up to 4Mbps Up to 2Mbps R249 ADSL Line Rental - Order Now!
Up to 10Mbps Up to 4Mbps R359 ADSL Line Rental - Order Now!
Up to 20Mbps** n/a R519 ADSL Line Rental - Order Now!
Up to 40Mbps ** n/a R779 ADSL Line Rental - Order Now!
Please note: the ADSL line speed you can get depends on the line quality and what speed the infrastructure and exchange in your area support.
**These products are only currently available in the following areas: Durban North, Benmore Gardens, Fourways, Waterkloof, Durbanville, Craighall North, Altria, Avoca Hills, Newlands, Blouberg, Randburg, Persequor
Upgrade Info

ADSL line upgrades started on the 11th November 2013 and are still underway.

This is a gradual process and will take time for everyone to be upgraded. Please note that the same rules apply, the line speed capability is dependant on many factors such as quality of your line or how far you are from the exchange.

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