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In South Africa the ADSL line infrastructure, including telephone exchanges, networking equipment and the actual copper wire, is owned by Telkom.

iSAT has been a trusted wholesale partner of SAIX (Telkom’s wholesale division) since 1998, and sells Telkom ADSL line services directly to businesses and home users. iSAT supports those line services by having direct access into the Telkom systems. This wholesale arrangement helps reduce the load on Telkom support engineers and general staff, for whom ADSL access is not always a priority.

Using Telkom systems, we check for faults and report them when necessary, and also give technical details of the fault, which helps reduce resolution time. We also do ADSL line speed changes. All this without you having to call Telkom, which can be a lengthy and arduous process.

So, get your ADSL line from iSAT and not Telkom, from only R69 per month. Save up to R648 per year with iSAT’s ADSL line rental!

There is no contract, the ADSL line rental works on a month to month basis.

iSAT offers the following ADSL line speeds - Up to 1Mbps, 2Mbps, 4Mbps, 8Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mbps and 40Mbps.

If you have a Telkom ADSL line installed and would like to move it to iSAT, the migration will not cause any disruption to your existing service. If the line is with Telkom and you move it to us, Telkom will refund the pro-rata amount that you have paid in advance. If the line is with another ISP, they should follow the same process.

If you have an existing contract on your ADSL Internet access, or prefer to keep your Internet access with your current provider, that is also not a problem. We will still be able to support your line.

For new lines the procedure is also simple - send us your application; the support technicians will check if the ADSL exchange is enabled. Once this has been done, you will need a router and an Internet connection.

iSAT has a variety of Internet access solutions, Per GB, hard capped and Uncapped.


ADSL Line Rental Pricing (VAT inclusive)
Line Speeds Cost - Monthly
Up to 1Mbps R69 ADSL Line Rental - Order Now!
Up to 2Mbps R149 ADSL Line Rental - Order Now!
Up to 4Mbps R249 ADSL Line Rental - Order Now!
Up to 8Mbps R339 ADSL Line Rental - Order Now!
Up to 10Mbps R359 ADSL Line Rental - Order Now!
Up to 20Mbps** R399 ADSL Line Rental - Order Now!
Up to 40Mbps ** R525 ADSL Line Rental - Order Now!
**Your exchange must be VDSL (high speed ADSL) enabled. (We can check this for you.)

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