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What is mail hosting?

This is a premium quality mail hosting service.

All mail services include an advanced antispam system. It is tuned to be as safe as possible, so it is quite possible that you will receive an occasional spam message when checking your email. We prefer that to rejecting any valid emails. If you do think that you are receiving excessive spam messages, please forward those messages to spamlearner@isat.co.za, our technical team analyse those messages and where possible update our antispam systems. On average our mail servers classify and reject about 70% of the mail messages that we receive as spam, and this with high confidence that we are delivering your valid email.

Unlike some free email services, we do not scan your email messages for advertising purposes or sell your email details.

Our mail services also include antivirus services, but you should still be running a trusted anti-virus solution on your own devices though.

Each mailbox is accessible via a fully featured Web mail interface, available via the My ISAT section of our Web site. Using this interface, you can send and receive mail when you are travelling, or you may prefer to use this solution instead of a mail client such as Outlook, or Windows Live Mail.

If you have a domain registered we can set up email for that domain, or we can set up @isat.co.za email addresses for you to use.

If you have your own domain, the email addresses will be of the format something@yourdomain.co.za, for example, bob@acmesales.co.za, or info@acmesales.co.za.

If you have your own mail server, such as Mdaemon, we can also set up a mailbox with multiple email addresses, such as Mail type C below. Mail server software such as Mdaemon will download the mail from our servers, and distribute the email amongst your local mailboxes on your own server. This gives you the additional benefit that if your mail server is not operational, mail to your email addresses will not be returned undelivered. And when your mail server is back up, all your email will download as normal.

Mailbox pricing

Mail A
R20.00 p/m
250 MB space
3 free aliases
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Mail B
R50.00 p/m
500 MB space
10 free aliases
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Mail C
R100.00 p/m
1000 MB space
25 free aliases
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*There are NO Pro-Rata charges for Mailboxes.
*Maximum message size is 10 MB.

Each type of iSAT mailbox comes with a certain number of free email addresses (i.e. joe@domain.com). You can increase the number of addresses at a cost of R5 each. There is however a limit to the number of email addresses you can add to each Mail Option. In other words, if you have the Mail A option, but need 7 email addresses, you will have to upgrade to the Mail B option.


If you have a Mail C option account and wish to make use of more than 50 addresses, you can acquire a second mailbox.  See the tables above for more information.