Naked DSL Line Rental (Line only)

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What is Naked DSL line rental?

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology that enables a normal telephone line to be used for Internet data. Naked ADSL is an international term that describes the ADSL system where only data can be used on the ADSL line and not voice services.

This reduces the support costs for the provider, in South Africa, being of course Telkom, who owns the ADSL line infrastructure, including telephone exchanges, networking equipment and the actual copper wire. Telkom pass on this saving, by not charging for the Telkom line rental that would normally appear on the customers Telkom bill.

Using naked ADSL instead of normal traditional ADSL, means an immediate saving of R241.50 every single month.

iSAT has been a trusted wholesale partner of Openserve/SAIX, Telkom’s wholesale division, since 1998, and sells Telkom ADSL line services directly to businesses and home users.

iSAT supports those line services by having direct access into the Telkom systems. This mutually beneficial wholesale arrangement, helps reduce the load on Telkom support engineers and general staff, for whom ADSL cannot always be a priority.

In certain areas of South Africa higher speed ADSL lines are available, this is known as VDSL. VDSL is an abbreviation for Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line. VDSL speeds currently available in South Africa are 20 Mbps and 40 Mbps. Our support team can quickly verify if your line is capable of these speeds. Telkom has an ongoing project rolling out VDSL line access.

Benefits of iSAT's ADSL line rental service

  1. We talk to Telkom instead of you, and having access to Telkom systems, we do line speed upgrades and downgrades on your line, at your request.
  2. There is no contract, the service is provided on a month to month basis.
  3. We are cheaper than many other providers

Naked DSL line rental pricing

Line Speed Price
Up to 5Mbps R269 p/m Add to Cart
Up to 10Mbps R359 p/m Add to Cart
Up to 20Mbps (requires VDSL exchange) R519 p/m Add to Cart
Up to 40Mbps (requires VDSL exchange) R619 p/m Add to Cart
Installation R900 * LIMITED OFFER * FREE T & Cs Apply

* LIMITED OFFER * Ends 30 September 2024