Wireless MTN Fixed LTE

What is LTE?

LTE offers you high speed wireless internet connectivity. It supports lower latency which is important for services that require real time online capability like online gaming and video calling.

Benefits of iSAT's MTN LTE Packages

  1. Fibre like speeds, up to 150Mbps download
  2. 1 Month data rollover
  3. Wireless internet
  4. Wider Coverage
  5. No land line needed
  6. No waiting times to get the service activated as it's plug and play
  7. No out of bundle rates
  8. No Contract (month to month billing)
  9. Data TopUps available

Check if MTN's LTE service is available in your area

If you are having issues with the Coverage check, please contact our support department to confirm coverage: helpdesk

MTN LTE Data Pricing - Capped

Anytime Data Night-time Data
40GB 40GB R199.00 p/m Add to Cart
90GB 90GB R349.00 p/m Add to Cart
130GB 130GB R499.00 p/m Add to Cart
200GB 200GB R549.00 p/m Add to Cart
300GB 300GB R799.00 p/m Add to Cart

MTN LTE Data Pricing - Uncapped

Option Speed
Uncapped Lite Up to 10Mbps Perfect for 1-2 users R562.00 p/m Add to Cart
Uncapped Premium 25Mbps Up to 25Mbps Perfect for up to 4 users R637.00 p/m Add to Cart
Uncapped Premium 50Mbps Up to 50Mbps Perfect for multiple users R799.00 p/m Add to Cart NEW  
Benefits - Unlimited: No limits on the total amount of data consumed
- Use as much as you want at a fixed price
- No Term Commitment
- No Out-of-Bundle Charges

* Anytime data - 05:00 to 23:59.
* Night-time data - 00:00 to 04:59.
* Pro-rata is applied to the month the package is activated for both data and billing.
* Setup fee of R315 for delivery of Sim.
* The SIM packages are compatible with the following routers:
Indoor Routers
BROVI: 5G CPE 5 H155-381
Billion: BiPAC 8206 AZ
HUAWEI: B535-932, B818-263, 5G CPE PRO 2, B525S-23A, B525S-65A, B525S-95A, B535-932A, B612-233, B612-533, B612S-25D, B612S-51D, B612S-52D, B618S-22D, B618S-65D, B618S-66D
MikroTik: Chateau LTE12
TP-Link: Archer MR600 (EU) 2.0
ZTE: MF286C1, MF286C3a, MF286A, MF286D, MF286R, MF296D, MF297D, 5G CPE MC801A
Outdoor Routers
HUAWEI: B2368, B2368-22, B2368-57, B2368-66
ZYXEL: LTE7460, LTE7480-M804
* NB: Please ensure you router is not Network Locked. If Network Locked, you will not be able to complete setup.
* ZTE MF286C1 router available from iSAT for just R2399.
* Sim is location locked. Moving will result in deactivation.
* View Terms of Service

MTN LTE Topup Pricing

2GB R20.00
5GB R50.00
10GB R100.00
20GB R200.00
50GB R500.00