Openserve Fibre Line Rental

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Openserve Fibre line rental pricing

Line Speed Price
Up to 50Mbps Lite (upstream 25Mbps) R559 p/m Add to Cart
Up to 50Mbps (upstream 50Mbps) R629 p/m Add to Cart
Up to 100Mbps Lite (upstream 50Mbps) R679 p/m Add to Cart
Up to 100Mbps (upstream 100Mbps) R739 p/m Add to Cart
Up to 200Mbps Lite (upstream 100Mbps) R859 p/m Add to Cart
Up to 200Mbps (upstream 200Mbps) R919 p/m Add to Cart
Up to 300Mbps (upstream 150Mbps) R969 p/m Add to Cart
Up to 500Mbps (upstream 250Mbps) R1089 p/m Add to Cart
Installation R2900 * LIMITED OFFER * FREE for Existing iSAT DSL Line Subscribers & New Installations * T+C's Apply
Connection Fee R575 * LIMITED OFFER * FREE for Existing iSAT DSL Line Subscribers
Upgrade / Downgrade R120
Callout Fee R1800
Additional Fees (additional trenching, etc...) On request

* LIMITED OFFER * Ends 30 September 2024

What is Openserve Fibre line rental?

Openserve is the wholesale division of Telkom. They are busy rolling out a fibre network in South Africa.

Fibre is a wired alternative solution to ADSL. Like ADSL, Openserve fibre consists of two components, firstly the last mile delivery system, which is fibre as opposed to the copper wire used for ADSL.

The second part of Openserve fibre, is the access portion. Openserve fibre connects into the existing Openserve ADSL network, and any ADSL data package should work.

As a trusted Telkom Wholesale partner since 1998, iSAT sells and supports Openserve fibre lines.

iSAT supports those line services by having direct access into the Telkom systems. This mutually beneficial wholesale arrangement, helps reduce the load on Telkom support engineers and general staff.

To check if Openserve fibre is available at your location, please log a ticket on our Help Desk System and include your physical address.

iSAT has a variety of Internet access solutions, Per GB, hard capped and Uncapped.

Benefits of iSAT's Openserve fibre line rental service

  1. We talk to Telkom instead of you, and having access to Openserve’s systems, we do line speed upgrades and downgrades on your line, at your request.
  2. There is no contract, the service is provided on a month to month basis.
  3. We are cheaper than many other providers.
  4. Moving a line to iSAT from Telkom or anyone else will not disrupt your service and you will not have any down time. Telkom will refund any amount that you have paid in advance, other ISP’s should follow the same practice.
  5. If you have an existing data contract with any other ISP, you can still move the fibre line to iSAT.