Openserve Premium Fibre Combo

What is Openserve Premium Fibre Combo?

Our new Openserve Premium Combo package provides an end-to-end Fibre service which includes uncapped internet, at speeds between 25 Mbps and 500 Mbps.

Most speed options are offered as a symmetrical service with upstream bandwidths equivalent to the downstream bandwidths.

The 500 Mbps offer is provided asymmetrically, with a 250 Mbps upload speed.

Backhaul is provided via the Openserve network.

No long-term contracts: All contracts are month-to-month.

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Openserve Premium Fibre Combo pricing

Line Speed Price
Up to 25Mbps R699 p/m Add to Cart
Up to 50Mbps R859 p/m Add to Cart
Up to 100Mbps R1199 p/m Add to Cart
Up to 200Mbps) R1399 p/m Add to Cart
Up to 500Mbps R1899 p/m Add to Cart
Installation R2399
Connection Fee R599
Upgrade / Downgrade R120
Callout Fee R1800
Additional Fees (additional trenching, etc...) On request