What is LTE-Advanced?

LTE-Advanced also known as 4G is the next evolution of LTE, and is the latest wireless broadband technology which offers superior connectivity speeds, as well as improved stability and coverage. It supports lower latency which is important for services that require real time online capability like online gaming and video calling.

Benefits of iSAT's LTE-Advanced Packages

  1. Wireless internet
  2. No land line needed
  3. Download speeds of up to 50Mbps
  4. Take your internet with you on holiday if your destination is within the coverage area
  5. No waiting times to get the service activated as it's plug and play
  6. No out of bundle rates
  7. No Contract (month to month billing)
  8. Data TopUps available

Check if Rain's LTE-Advanced service is available in your area

LTE-Advanced Data Pricing

25GB R299.00 p/m Order Now
55GB R549.00 p/m Order Now
85GB R799.00 p/m Order Now
120GB R999.00 p/m Order Now
220GB R1349.00 p/m Order Now
330GB R1599.00 p/m Order Now

* Pro-Rata charges apply on first month.
* Setup fee of R189 for delivery of Sim.
* Routers can be purchased through iSAT. Call us today for a quote.
* The SIM packages are compatible with the following routers: Huawei B315, Huawei B618, Huawei B2338, ZTE MF253, ZTE MF283+, ZTE MF286
* Huawei B315 router available from iSAT for just R1699.

LTE-Advanced Topup Pricing

1GB R10.00
2GB R20.00
3GB R30.00
5GB R50.00
10GB R100.00
20GB R200.00