How to Add a New Local User to Your Computer (Windows 10)

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A user account allows you to sign in to Windows 10. By default, your computer already has one user account, which you were required to create when setting up Windows 10 for the first time. If you plan on sharing your computer with other users, you can create a separate user account for each member of your home or office.

Step 1:

Select start. (Windows Icon) and scroll down to settings or simply select the search (Search) and type settings

Menu Settings

Step 2:

Once the Settings app is open, then select Accounts.


Step 3:

From the Account settings, click Add someone else to this PC.

Add someone else ot this PC

Step 4:

Select The person I want to add doesn't have an email address.

How will this person sign in

Step 5:

The account creation screen will appear. Select Add a user without a Microsoft account.

Let's create your account

Step 6:

Enter an account name, then type any desired password. It's important to choose a strong password—in other words, one that is easy to remember but difficult for others to guess.

Create an account

Step 7:

Once Next is click the user will now be created.

The local user can then sign in to the computer with this account information

Should you need assistance setting up a new local user using windows 10, please feel free to contact our Support Team on 010 555 0650.

The iSAT Team

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