How to remove emails from your mailbox

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This guide will show you how to remove emails from your mailbox with iSAT via the iSAT website.


Browse to


Once the iSAT website has loaded, select Check Mail under the My iSAT menu which you’ll find on the top right of the iSAT website. See below.

Select Check Mail


The Mail Login screen will show. Here you need your iSAT mailbox details. Enter your mailbox details and click Login. See example below.

Should you be unsure of your mailbox details, contact our Support Team on 086 123 4728 or email them at



Your mailbox on the server will now load.

Please note: If your mail has already been downloaded via your regular mail program and you do not have “leave a copy of messages on the server” set up, there may not be any mail displayed.

Mail Enable


Select the mails you wish to delete and click on Delete as shown below.

Select mails you wish to delete

These mails would be moved to your Deleted Items folder.


To permanently delete your mails and recover space in your mailbox, you will need to empty your Deleted Items folder.

Right click on the Deleted Items folder and then click Empty Folder on the pop-up menu. See below.

Permanently delete mails


A Pop-up window will appear and request confirmation that you are sure you want to permanently delete the emails in this folder as shown below.

Confirm permanent delete

Click Yes to proceed and your mails will be permanently deleted, freeing up space on your mailbox.

Please note that it is important to empty your trash folder from time to time, as it may lead to your mailbox being full. If your mailbox is full you won’t be able to receive new mails.

Should you need assistance setting up your Trendnet Router, please feel free to call us on 086 123 4728.

The iSAT Team

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