ADSL Line Guardian (ALG)

Web App

The Web application works on any browser enabled device, such as PC’s, notebooks, tablet and smart phones providing that the browser is fairly current.

To get to the Web application, the shortcut is Please add that URL to your favourites list in your browser for quick and easy access.

The authentication details are the same as those used to log into the My iSAT section of the iSAT website. If you have not yet registered for that login you can do so at

Menu options for the ALG Web application


Set the default line to be used in the web application. Also if you have multiple lines using ALG, we recommend that you change the Description data field for each line to be more meaningful, for example, “Kempton Park JHB Branch”, “Sunnyside PTA Branch”,”Walmer PE Branch”.

Get Telemetry

Telemetry is the line data that ALG retrieves, stores and analyses.

There are two buttons on this page.

The first button, “Refresh Line Telemetry”, gets the latest line data for ALG to analyse, and displays the results in the next section of the web application. ALG has a daily schedule for retrieving data. This button is very useful if you are experiencing ADSL problems, and want to troubleshoot immediately.

The second button, “Recreate Port”, is used to recreate the link between the Telkom exchange and your ADSL router. Be aware that you will lose your connection to the internet while the link is being re-established, and that this operation takes a few minutes. Generally, you will want to get the latest telemetry after recreating the port, so that you can see if anything has changed.

This page also indicates whether the line is Stabilised or not. In extreme cases where the line is far from the exchange, the line might need to be artificially Stabilised at a slower speed than normal.

Line Data

This page shows Line Quality and Line Speed graphs for different time periods. By default, the graphs show the telemetry for downloads. Tick the option to have a look at the upload data.

If necessary, use the “Prev” and “Next” buttons to zoom to get to the point where the line was not operating optimally. This will be helpful in fault finding.

If you do a change on your local setup, for example a different router, new POTS filter, or a cable change, use the options in the “Get Telemetry” section, and then come back here to see the results.

Also please read the “Telkom” section to help Telkom technicians fix problems as efficiently and quickly as possible should they be on site.

24 Hours Graph example:

ALG 24hrs Graphs

7 Days Graph example:

ALG 7days Graphs

Complete History Graph example:

ALG Complete History Graphs

Open Alerts

This page shows any open logged alerts on your line, and the current status of the alert.

Change Password

This page is used to change the password that you use to log in to the ALG Web Application.


Use this option to log out of the ALLMS Web Application.