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ADSL Per GB - Unshaped

We recommend the Hard Capped and Uncapped Products.


What is unshaped per gigabyte ADSL data?

Unshaped data means that no Internet protocols are artificially limited. Typically, when using shaped data, traffic for email and browsing services are untouched, but protocols for file sharing, gaming, Voice over IP, Skype and others are restricted.

Data is used and billed on a per gigabyte basis.

Quality unshaped data costs more than shaped data.

Benefits of unshaped per gigabyte ADSL data

  1. High quality data.
  2. Per gigabyte usage billing.
  3. Top-up via the iSAT Web site, using a secure login, when you are capped. The top-up is restricted to 5 gigabytes over your initial product.
  4. Auto top-up setting if you need it. So it will automatically top-up your data when capped to a certain level of GB. You control the top-up limit.
  5. Not restricted by the speed of your ADSL line. In other words the 100 GB capped connection will be faster on a 10 Mbps line than a 4 Mbps line.

ADSL per GB unshaped pricing

1GB Unshaped R59.00 p/m R29.00 *Special Order Now
2GB Unshaped R119.00 p/m R59.00 *Special Order Now
3GB Unshaped R179.00 p/m R89.00 *Special Order Now
5GB Unshaped R289.00 p/m R149.00 *Special Order Now
10GB Unshaped R589.00 p/m R299.00 *Special Order Now
20GB Unshaped R1179.00 p/m R589.00 *Special Order Now
30GB Unshaped R1769.00 p/m R879.00 *Special Order Now
Unshaped - 1GB TopUp * R69.00 p/m R39.00 *Special

*There are NO Pro-Rata charges for ADSL Per GB Connections. Connections are billed in full.

**The Special Price only applies to the intial month plus one on start of the connection. Thereafter normal rates apply. Please contact our Sales Team for more information about these rates.