Uncapped ADSL - Business

What is uncapped business ADSL?

This service provides you with an uncapped, unshaped, high performance and cost effective internet-connectivity solution without the need to monitor data usage.

Underpinned by a world class, high capacity network, this uncapped service offers high performing, unshaped broadband. Included in this product are 5 public IP addresses, which can be used for virtual private networking, email servers or any Internet service needing a fixed IP address.

Benefits of uncapped business ADSL

  1. Fixed monthly fee, no variable data costs.
  2. Unshaped and uncapped data.
  3. 5 Public Static IP addresses that can be used for servers or devices requiring fixed addresses on the Internet.
  4. A free bundled ADSL router that will have you up and running in minimal time.

Uncapped business ADSL pricing

Business 1Mbps R799.00 p/m Add to Cart
Business 2Mbps R1299.00 p/m Add to Cart
Business 4Mbps R1799.00 p/m Add to Cart
Business 10Mbps R2859.00 p/m Add to Cart
*Uncapped options carry a once off setup fee of R2000.00 (excluding courier fees where applicable). Cost includes a router.
* Payment for the router is required before it can be shipped or collected.
* Once off setup fee and first months subscription needs to be paid up front.
* Prices quoted are for the Internet service only and do not include Telkom ADSL or phone line rental.
*Prices are subject to change.
* Line speed is determined by Telkom line speed and can never be guaranteed.
*All pricing includes VAT.
*Terms of service apply.