Uncapped Fibre Data - Premium

What is Premium uncapped Fibre?

Premium Uncapped Fibre is a cost effective Uncapped Fibre service. This is ideal for home users with heavier download requirements, who require unlimited internet access at an affordable price.

Benefits of Premium uncapped Fibre

  1. No contracts – month to month billing
  2. Fixed monthly fee:  no variable dialup or data costs
  3. 2 Concurrent connections allowed.
  4. Uncapped Fibre: “always-on” internet access.
  5. Unlimited data (Subject to Terms of Service and Fair Usage Policy below)

Fair Usage Policy:

  1. All our Premium Uncapped Fibre options have a 10 day Rolling Window for Shaping.
  2. The Premium Uncapped Fibre options are initially unshaped and when your usage exceeds 80% of the average, you will be shaped. For example if the average usage of the 10Mbps Uncapped Fibre Option is 200GB and you use more than 160GB, within the 10 day Rolling Window, then you will be shaped.
  3. If you are in the Top 20% of users for these options, then you will be throttled.
  4. The Fair Usage Policy applies 24/7, i.e. Monday to Sunday, day and night.

Please note that this account is not suited for heavy downloads. If you are needing an unlimited access option for heavy downloads, try our Business Uncapped Fibre option.

Premium uncapped Fibre pricing

Premium 10Mbps R482.00 p/m Add to Cart
Premium 20Mbps R695.00 p/m Add to Cart
Premium 40Mbps R1025.00 p/m Add to Cart
Premium 100Mbps R1092.00 p/m Add to Cart

* There are NO Pro-Rata charges for Uncapped Fibre Connections. Connections are billed in full.
*Prices are subject to change.
* Line speed is determined by your Fibre line speed and can never be guaranteed.
*All pricing includes VAT.
*Subject to Terms of Service

What is a static IP?

Every PC / Device that connects to the internet has an IP address, however these are usually a dynamic IP address. In other words a different IP address is usually assigned to you each time you connect to the Internet.

A Static IP is a unique address on the Internet. It never changes!

A Static IP gives you more options and more control of your network infrastructure, whether you need one for remote access (VPN), or hosting your own mail server, or to Access real time security systems (CCTV).


  1. Must have an active Home or Premium Uncapped Fibre Access Option;
  2. Any router / server / software that can terminate an L2TP connection. We recommend the Billion 7402GX or the Billion 7402X

Static ip pricing

R80.00 p/m

*All pricing includes VAT.
*Only 1 Static IP is allowed per active Uncapped Fibre connection. See Terms of Service