ADSL Setup (Zyxel SBG 3300N Router)

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How to setup a Zyxel SBG 3300-N ADSL Router
Zyxel SBG 3300N Router

How to setup a Zyxel SBG 3300-N Router

This guide will show you how to setup your Zyxel SBG 3300N Router. The basic setup is the same for most ADSL Routers, however may vary slightly for each model.

Step 1:

Obtain your Default Gateway (for more information, see How to obtain your Default Gateway)

Step 2:

Open your Internet Browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.

Step 3:

Enter your Default Gateway in the search bar of your Internet Browser as seen below and press Enter.


Default Gateway

Step 4:

This will then display the Login page to enter your router username and password (see below image). The default factory settings for the username "admin" and the password “1234”. Enter the username and password and click Login.


Step 5:

If this is the first time you are logging into your router, you will be requested to change your router login password (see below image):

Change Password

Step 6:

Re-enter the username and new password :


Step 7:

The below Status screen should appear once you log in to the router


Step 8:

Click on Network Settings and then Broadband.

Once you have clicked on Broadband, click on textpad icon under Modify on the ADSL wan interface (see below):

Network Settings

Step 9:

Follow the guidelines below, input the below information.

WAN Configuration

Step 10:

Under PPP Information, you will need your connection details (username and password). This information you will get from your ISP. Enter your Connection Details in the spaces provided as highlighted in the below image.

Once this is done Click Apply in the bottom right hand corner to Apply these setting.

Your router might restart while the router saves these settings.


Setting up your Wireless Network

Step 1:

Click on Network Setting to expand the menu, then click on Wireless.

WLan Setup

Step 2:

The Wireless Network Setup window opens.

Set your Wireless Network Name (SSID) e.g. Joe’s Home

Wireless Settings

Wirelss Security Level

Step 3:

The next step is setting the security of your Wireless Network.

Make this as secure as possible and drag it to the green section (More secure).

Security mode should be set to WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK.

You can have an autogenerated password or you can untick the “generate password automatically option and set your own password”.

Remember the requirements for setting your own password. “ Enter 8-63 characters (‘a-z’, ‘A-Z’, ‘0-9’,’–‘,’_’, and’.’),

Once this is all setup check your setting and click OK.

Your internet and wireless access should now be set up and ready to use.

Should you need assistance setting up your Xyzel Router, please feel free to call us on 010 555 0650.

The iSAT Team

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