How to perform a speed test

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Wanting to test your ADSL Speed

Before you do that, how do you know that your ADSL line is working optimally?

If you are an ALG subscriber, either go and test your line via the Web interface at https://www.isat.co.za/lines/, or via the ALG Web application at http://algapp.isat.co.za.

If you aren’t using ALG, iSAT’s ADSL line Guardian you are going to have a big problem trouble shooting the speed issue.

ALG monitors your ADSL line and sends alerts to you and our support team for various situations like your line not running at its optimum speed, line instabilities and potential line speed upgrades becoming available due to changes on the Telkom network, and more. In situations where your best line speed is so poor that you should consider some other sort of Internet access, ALG will suggest that as well. But this bad line situation is a lot rarer than you think.

Once ALG has ensured that your ADSL line is working optimally, and your ADSL test still shows poor results, then you know that the speed test indicates that the problem is with the ADSL connection, and not the ADSL line. You can then run speed tests on different ADSL connections to get the issue resolved.

And of course as previously described, ALG enables you to do a ADSL line speed and quality test whenever you want to.

To sign up for iSAT ALG add to cart.

For more infomation about ALG, have a look at our more details section.

Speed test sites:

  1. International Speed Test
  2. Local SA Speed Test

Should you need assistance, please feel free to contact our Support Team on 010 555 0650.

The iSAT Team

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