ADSL Per GB - Home

We recommend the Hard Capped and Uncapped Products.


What is ADSL per GB home?

ADSL Home is for a basic, yet cost effective ADSL connection. It is ideal for home users who only want to browse the web, do some banking and check their mail. It is not recommended for downloading or gaming.

iSAT's ADSL Home has a throttling policy on it. The throttling is based on the line speed you have and differs on the time of day too. Please see below.

6AM - 6PM
1 Mbps (400 Kbps)
2 Mbps (600 Kbps)
4 / 10 Mbps (850 Kbps)
6PM - 10PM
1 Mbps (650 Kbps)
2 Mbps (875 Kbps)
4 / 10 Mbps (1300 Kbps)
10PM - 6AM
No Throttling

Benefits of per gigabyte ADSL home data

  1. Cost effective pricing.
  2. Per gigabyte usage billing.
  3. Top-up via the iSAT Web site, using a secure login, when you are capped. The top-up is restricted to 5 gigabytes over your initial product.
  4. Auto top-up setting if you need it. So it will automatically top-up your data when capped to a certain level of GB. You control the top-up limit.
  5. From 10pm to 6am the data is not restricted by the speed of your ADSL line. In other words the 100 GB capped connection will be faster on a 10 Mbps line than a 4 Mbps line. Of course you should be using ALMMS to maximise this benefit.

ADSL per GB home pricing

1GB Home
R19.00 p/m
2GB Home
R37.00 p/m
3GB Home
R56.00 p/m
5GB Home
R92.00 p/m
10GB Home
R182.00 p/m
20GB Home
R361.00 p/m
30GB Home
R536.00 p/m
Home - 1GB TopUp *
R21.00 p/m

*You can only TopUp to a maximum of 5 GB above your original Access Option.

*There are NO Pro-Rata charges for ADSL Per GB Connections. Connections are billed in full.